Removing And Replacing A Cracked Pane Of Glass

Posted on: 6 October 2015

If you have a window in your home's door that has a crack going through the pane, you will want to remove and replace it with a new piece of glass right away so it does not shatter and injure someone when they close the door. Replacing a glass pane is not that difficult to do on your own with the correct tools. Here are some guidelines to follow when removing and replacing a broken window on your own

Staying Safe

Before you start the glass removal process, you will want to protect yourself from injury. Make sure to wear a pair of safety goggles to protect your eyes. Keep your hands covered with heavy-duty gloves and wear a long-sleeved shirt and pants so your skin is not exposed. Place a tarp or old sheet on the floor near the door to help catch any pieces of glass that fall so others walking through the doorway will not step on any glass shards that you may have missed after removing the pane from the door.

Removing The Pane

Tape a piece of masking tape diagonally across the broken pane of glass. Do this in both directions, forming the letter X over the pane. This will help contain the glass in one area as it is removed, making clean-up a bit easier, and helping to keep risk of injury at a minimum. Lightly tap the pane using the wooden end of a hammer. The glass will shatter, and you will be able to pull it out of the frame using your gloved hands. To remove any pieces that area still adhered to the frame, use a pair of needle-nose pliers to pluck them from the area.

Replacing The Pane

Have a piece of glass cut at a local glass service. Have a helper stand on the opposite side of the window as you when you place the new piece of glass into the frame. Your helper can help hold the pane of glass in place from the other side so it does not slip and fall as you are securing it. Use glass putty to keep the glass in the frame. To use, roll a piece of the putty in your hands to warm it so it becomes soft enough to mold.

Roll a piece of the putty into a cylindrical shape and place it parallel to one of the edges of the glass so it is centered partway over the glass and partway over the frame. Push into place using your fingers. Repeat this process with the other three sides of the pane. Go to the other side of the window and do this again with all four edges of the pane. When the putty is dry, remove any excess from the glass area using a utility knife.

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