Three Options For Scratched Glass Restoration After Graffiti

Posted on: 7 October 2015

As a business owner, it's a nasty shock to discover that someone has vandalized your building by scribbling graffiti on your windows. When you get over the shock, you have several options for removing scratches and etching and restoring your windows to their pristine condition. Here are three options to consider while planning the restoration.

1. Polishing

Special buffing machines can polish away the surface of the glass until it's even with the bottom of the scratches so that the scratches no longer show up. This is a very effective method for moderately sized scratches and etchings and can even be done several times on the same window if graffiti recurs (although you should take measures to ensure it doesn't, such as increasing security, improving lighting, and limiting access to windows by planting thorny hedges). You can obtain a relatively affordable one of these if you wish to remove the damage yourself, but higher-end machines work much faster so it'll save time if you hire a contractor who has professional equipment.

2. Replacement

Replacing the windows is a significant expense and shouldn't be a requirement every time graffiti occurs. However, it can become necessary in situations such as the following:

  • Scratches have been made and removed several times and the window is growing thin from buffing
  • Deep scratches have caused chips to form in the glass that are too deep to buff out
  • Paint, acid etching, and scratching have combined to form a tangle of graffiti that nobody wants to deal with

In some cases, it's a matter of weighing the replacement cost against the time and expense of repairing the windows. In other cases, especially if you want to send a strong no-tolerance message to anyone else who might want to vandalize your windows, you may decide on replacement but then hire a contractor to remove as much of the graffiti as possible while waiting for replacements to arrive.

3. Coating

After repairing or replacing your windows, you should give some thought to how you'll prevent similar damage in the future. In addition to improving security, you should also protect your windows directly by using a protective coating. If you hire a professional to repair your windows, it's an easy additional step to have him install the tough transparent coating over the window after the repair job is complete.

For more information, contact a window company in your area.