Give Your New Energy Star Windows Some Personality And Increase Their Effectiveness

Posted on: 13 October 2015

Now that you have decided to install new Energy Star windows in your home you can expect to benefit from things such as lower energy bills and more consistently comfortable indoor temperatures throughout the year. While your new windows are sure to gleam once they are installed, you can save even more money by increasing their effectiveness (and give them some personality at the same time) with the help of these tips and tricks:

Install Insulation Film

A great way to increase the energy efficiency of your windows is to install insulation window film on them. This type of film is easy to install without the need for professional help, and it prevents up to 99 percent of harmful UV rays from entering your home and damaging your furniture, floors, and valuables. Insulation film comes in a variety of shades and designs – you can even get your hands on film that will make your windows look like they've been made of stained glass. If you want to maintain a natural look, you can frame the windows with film to add a splash of color without compromising the original design integrity of your windows.

Choose Special Dressings

Forget about basic curtains or plastic blinds and consider dressing your new Energy Star windows up with something that will keep air from freely flowing into or out of your home, effectively increasing the insulation power of the windows themselves. Cellular shades are an awesome choice because they naturally filter light to suit your needs and provide exceptional abilities to keep heat in during winter and out during summer. They're also made to fit your windows like a glove, offering a sleek and modern look to take advantage of.

Seal with Some Color

Sealing the space between your new windows and frames offers even further insulation, reduces noise pollution from the outdoors, and even helps to keep pollen, dust, and insects from entering your home throughout the year. You can easily seal the frames yourself by applying caulking to them, but you can spice things up by squeezing the caulking into a large bowl and mixing a little food coloring of your choice into it before applying it to your windows. As the caulking dries, the color will fade some so you'll be left with a soft colored hue that highlights your windows and frames.

These ideas are a budget-friendly way to complement your new windows while providing you with some serious benefits to take advantage of as time goes on. For more information, contact a company like Nu-Vue Products.