How To Decorate Your Indoor Sunroom With A Garden Theme

Posted on: 18 November 2015

Have you added an indoor sunroom to your home? Perhaps you have enclosed your existing patio. Either way, if you have decided to decorate the room with a garden theme, you are in for some fun decorating. Here are some ideas that might help you to make the room look unique and lovely.

The Floor - If you are enclosing your existing patio, you can check flooring off your list. However, if you are starting from scratch by adding a new room, consider thinking of what is in your backyard, and incorporate that into your sunroom. For example, brick or flagstone would both be great for your sunroom floor. Another really great idea would be to faux paint a concrete floor. If you are not artistic yourself, there are professional artisans that can make your concrete floor look like pebble stone, wood, tile, or even like a meadow of country flowers which would definitely give your sunroom the feeling of being in a garden.  If you select carpet, think of choosing green which will look like grass or another ground cover.

The Furniture - Again, think about your backyard. The same white wicker or wrought iron in your backyard would look great inside, too. Floral seat cushions would add comfort and color to the room. To add interest to your sunroom, consider adding a hanging wooden swing or even a hammock. Wooden rocking chairs or Papasan chairs would be the frosting on the cake. Do you have little children or grandchildren? If you do, think about buying a small table and chairs so they can have indoor picnics and tea parties in the sunroom.

The Window Treatment - In keeping with your garden theme, think about selecting curtains that have flowers as part of the design. If you'd rather go with solid colors, yellow, blue, or green would be good because they mimic the sun, the skies, and the grass. Ribbons of all different colors that represent flowers in your yard would be great tiebacks for the curtains. Another really good idea would be to go with wooden blinds which will give a look of nature to the room. Wooden blinds are affordable and very durable. In addition, they're very easy to clean. Simply dust them when you dust your furniture and, if they need additional attention, just go over them with a damp cloth. If you want to add a bit of drama to the windows, consider stenciling a garden design above the wooden blinds. Some designs to consider would be butterflies, dragonflies, birds, ladybugs, or flowers.

When you shop for home decor, think about browsing in antique shops, thrift stores, and garden supply stores where you might find unique items to enhance your garden theme.