3 Creative And Crafty Uses For Old Shutters In Home Decor

Posted on: 23 May 2016

From traditional home shutters to plantation shutters, these functional home pieces are fairly easy to find for either a few bucks or cheap at yard sales and antique stores. While many people may pass right over shutters in favor of something else, these decorative home pieces can actually be pretty versatile if you have a knack for DIY home crafts. From repurposing shutters in new ways to making them functional again but in a different way, there are some pretty creative uses for old shutters when you are trying to spruce up your home decor. 

Craft a wall shelf with two traditional shutters. 

If you have a large wall space which could use a decorative item that is a bit larger in stature, creating a shutter shelf is ideal. This project basically only requires two wooden shutters and mounting hardware. 

  1. Paint or treat the shutters as you prefer to match your interior design ideas. 
  2. Using screws, attach one shutter to the top of the next to create a 90-degree angle between the two. 
  3. Affix mounting hardware to the back of one shutter so it can be hung on the wall. 

Add interior interest between the dining room and kitchen with plantation shutters. 

If you have a wall that separates your kitchen and dining area and would like it to be slightly more open, adding a window between the two rooms is actually not that big of a challenge. It is just a matter of marking studs and creating a new frame for the window with lumber. Plus, with the use of plantation shutters once the pass-through window is complete, you can still maintain a level of privacy when it is necessary. The plantation shutters can be attached on either side of the window and closed or opened as needed. 

Construct an easy-to-change photo collage.

The horizontal slats of wooden shutters make them ideal for hanging things that are attached to a hook. Using a set of wooden shutters on a large wall or one single shutter for a slim wall, you can create a fascinating photo collage that can be rearranged whenever you like.

  1. Secure the wooden shutters to the wall using screws on the top and bottom.
  2. Attach a tied jute twine loop to the back of several photos in frames of varying sizes.
  3. Secure a craft hook to the end of the jute twine loop you just created.
  4. Hang the photographs in their frames on the shutters with their hooks slipped into the wooden slats for support.

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