Three Types Of People Who Should Consider Having Their Home Windows Tinted

Posted on: 21 July 2016

Window tinting isn't just something you do to your vehicle to make it look cool. In fact, it has numerous practical applications in several areas of life and for all sorts of people. Here are three groups of people who may benefit from residential window tinting services.

1. Environmentalists

Window tinting is a very effective way to lower your house's heat accumulation during the day. This is because window glass can have a greenhouse effect, allowing heat from the sun into your house and then trapping it there. In fact, about a third of extraneous heat gain throughout the day may come from your windows. You can also reduce heat gain through the windows by planting trees and bushes strategically or using shutters, but tinting allows you to diminish heat gain instantly while still enjoying the view. It does this by allowing light rays in but repelling heat rays. By reducing the amount of heat gained throughout the day, you can save some of the energy that would have been required to cool an extra hot house down to comfortable temperatures.

2. Thrifty homeowners

Tinting your windows can also save you money. The heat your house gains throughout the day makes more work for your AC unit, meaning that it requires more energy and works longer hours. Thus, untinted windows are one of the reasons your energy bills are so high in the summer. And in addition to upping your energy bill, overworking your AC unit may even cause it to need more frequent repairs and recharging. Tinting your windows can reduce all of these costs by keeping your home cooler during hot summer days. And that's not the only energy savings you'll get; window tinting can also help you save energy in the winter by keeping heat in so it won't escape through the windows to the colder outdoors.

3. City dwellers who don't have enough privacy

Do your windows look directly out onto a busy road? This can be especially awkward if you have a very small front lawn and people on the sidewalks walk right by your windows; they could turn and see inside at any moment if you don't have the shutters or blinds closed. Unfortunately, blinds and shutters obstruct your view and don't let much light in. Window tinting doesn't have these problems. It provides increased privacy without requiring you to actually shut yourself off from the world.

These three types of people help demonstrate that window tinting has something to offer almost everyone. If you're a city dweller, an eco-conscious consumer, or a thrifty homeowner, maybe window tinting should be your next home improvement step. Contact a company like Simply Cool USA for more information on window tinting.