DIY Window Makeover Projects To Add Something More To Your Replacements

Posted on: 19 January 2017

Replacement windows are a good improvement when doing home renovations, but they will not add a lot of custom features like interior trim or custom window seals. There are some things that can be done when you have your replacement window installed to give them a custom look, such as adding custom wood surrounds, trim around the exterior, and other details. If you want to have interesting custom features for your new windows, here are some DIY projects that you can try doing on your own:

1. Interior Trim Details to Give Your Windows a Craftsman Style

The interior of windows are sometimes plain, and they may only have a wrap of drywall around the interior seal. This can be fixed by adding wood trim and casing around the window. First, you are going to need some 1x4 material that is at least #2 grade. You can use this material to wrap around the window and add all the trim details you want. Make sure you caulk around the window and seal area to stop air from getting in through the cracks around windows.

2. Interior Panels and Benches Below Windows for Custom Features That Are Practical

Interior panels are another great addition to give windows a custom feature. They can be used to create frames beneath windows with wood trim. The windows are also a good place to add bench seating, which can also have storage beneath the seats. If you have an area like a breakfast nook, use the seating to create a dining area in your kitchen.

3. Shutters, Planters, Window Film, and Exterior Improvements

If you want to renovate the exterior of your home, improving the windows is a good way to get started. Some improvements, such as adding shutters or window film, will also help to reduce energy loss in your home. In addition, you can add features like trim details and planters to give your windows a little personal decoration. If you want to have glass improved, a window film installer will add the film to all the windows in your home.

The replacement windows you have installed will be just the new window in the opening, but doing some of these features on your own will give your home a new custom look. For more information, contact local professionals like Midatlantic Storm Protection to help with upgrading your window replacements so they look amazing.