Tips For Installing A New Glass Pane In An Aluminum Window Frame

Posted on: 30 May 2018

Installing a new pane of glass in one of your home's aluminum-frame windows is a project any homeowner can do. You can have glass cut to your window's specific measurements at your local hardware store or glass shop, and using these tips you will achieve a professional-looking new window installation in about an hour's time:

Tip: Wear Protective Gear when Working with Glass Shards

When you work with glass, it is important you always wear protection in case of contact with glass shards or flying glass from accidental drops. Wearing safety goggles or glasses with side shields will protect your eyes, and wearing thick leather or Kevlar gloves will prevent cuts as you handle the glass. In addition, you should wear work boots with thick soles, denim jeans, and a long-sleeved shirt.

Tip: Remove Stuck Glass Shards by Cutting the Vinyl Jamb Liners and Caulking

To remove any broken glass, stand outside and pull on each shard and try and remove it whole. Rock the glass gently back and forth to remove it from the frame's caulking.

To remove any stuck pieces of glass, remove the vinyl jamb liners on the outside of the window and cut out any caulking you see. This will release the glass.

The window glass can be recycled or thrown in your household trash for disposal.

Tip: Rather than Trying to Reuse the Vinyl Jamb Liners, Purchase New Ones

You can replace all of the jamb liners for any window with new ones purchased at your local hardware store. They are very inexpensive and you can cut them to the exact length needed. Rather than fighting with the old jamb liners and trying to clean them up, save yourself the hassle and just buy new ones.

Use the old jamb liners as templates to cut out the new ones; you can cut them using a standard utility knife with a sharp blade.

Install the top and bottom jamb liners first. They should be cut straight and touch the frames on each side. The two side pieces should be cut so they mold around the top and bottom pieces to seal out air leaks.

Tip: Use Clear, Exterior-Grade Caulk

Finally, when you replace the glass and jamb liners, use a clear, exterior-grade caulk. Use thin beads to prevent the caulk from oozing out from behind the glass. Any caulk that is visible should be wiped away or removed with a sharp razor blade.