Replacing The Windows In Your Home

Posted on: 9 March 2019

Updating the windows in your home can offer some benefits and may save you money. While the cost of replacing the windows may seem daunting, the energy savings may offset the cost over time.

Finding a Window Contractor

Replacing the windows in your home is best handled by a window contractor that has the experience working with different styles of windows and doors. The contractor will know what upgrades need making to the framing and structure of the home to support the new windows you have chosen. If you are shopping for custom windows, the contractor will have the resources to find the right windows for your home.

Recycling the Old Windows

Once the old windows are out of your home, you may want to sell or donate the windows to someone that can use them. Often the windows may be reused for a project that does not require the same insulating factor or the need for multiple pane glass. Some excellent uses include a garden shed, greenhouse, or a restoration project. 

Window Types and Styles

Modern windows come in many different types and styles.  Multiple pane windows offer a much higher insulating factor than the old single pane glass and block out more noise from outside the home. The window will look nicer, and once installation is complete, the window and sill will be tight, removing any drafts or leaks around the frame that might allow air to pass through. Many manufacturers offer wood windows that are clad with vinyl to match the siding on your home and extend the life of the window. 

Tinting the Glass

If you live in an area where the weather is hot and the sun bright, you can order your new windows with tinting applied to them. The amount of tint you need on the glass is up to you, but your contractor can recommend the level of tint necessary in your area. It is essential to not over tint the glass as it can reduce the light through them in the wintertime and with it, the heat you gain from the sun coming in the windows. 

Integral Blinds

Another option you may want to consider is having blinds installed between the glass panes. The blinds are available in many colors and controlling them from the outside is possible. You can open, close, and raise the blinds manually or some higher priced models have remote controls included that let you control the window blind from across the room. 

Contact a window installation service for more help.