3 Reasons To Upgrade Your Wood Windows

Posted on: 7 September 2019

If you have wood windows on your home, you might have always enjoyed them. After all, they add a nice, traditional look to your home. Now that you have had the same wood windows for a long time, it might be time to replace them. After all, wood windows last for years, but a replacement does become necessary at some point. You may want to buy new wood windows for your home for these reasons and more.

1. Get Rid of Rot-Related Problems

One problem that you have to worry about with wood windows is rot. This is not a problem with vinyl windows and some other types of windows, but it is one of the downsides of wood windows. Once your windows start to rot, it is time to think about replacing them. Once rotting becomes present, you can expect the condition of your windows to deteriorate pretty quickly. With new wood windows, you shouldn't have to worry about rot being a problem again for a long time to come.

2. Avoid Having to Scrape and Paint

Even if your wood windows are not rotted, they might need some TLC. If your wood windows are painted, they might be showing signs of age. The paint could be chipping off and might not look its best, so you could be thinking about scraping and painting them. This is a big job that you might not want to tackle. If your windows are older anyway, it might be a good idea to go ahead and buy new wood windows so that you don't have to worry about any scraping and painting.

3. Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

No matter what type of windows you choose for your home, you will probably find that you can enjoy improved energy efficiency if you swap out your old windows with newer ones. This is true with wood windows, and you can even look for wood windows that are designed to provide a better seal against the elements. Simply installing new wood windows is a fantastic way to make your home more energy-efficient. Once they are installed, you can try adding tint or putting up the right window treatments to help you enjoy an even more energy-efficient home.

Your current wood windows might need to be replaced. Luckily, there are great new options, like wood or Andersen windows, that you can look into and have professionally installed. You will probably be happy with your decision for the reasons above.