3 Types Of Custom Glass To Put In Your Custom Interior Window

Posted on: 23 October 2019

If you want to put a window inside of your home such as window inside of your bathroom, or a window that divides your bathroom and bedroom, you can hire a window contractor that makes custom interior windows. With a custom interior window, you are able to choose the configuration and sizing of the glass, as well as the type of glass that goes inside of the window. The custom designer glass inside of the custom window can really sell your custom window.  

Glass Type #1: Privacy Glass 

First, you have privacy glass. Privacy class is really great glass to use inside of your home. Privacy glass is designed to distort the view when you look through your windows. You can still see light and color through the glass; however, you can't see a clear image. This type of glass is great if you want to allow natural light, or just light in general to flow through the space.  

Most privacy glass features a pattern on the glass. Common patterns include things such as the look of pebbles, frosted leaves, or rain pattern. The pattern is added on the top of the glass, and gives the privacy glass a lot more personality.  

Glass Type #2: Custom Groove Glass Patterns 

Next, you have custom etched glass. With custom etched glass, the glass itself is usually colored, so that once again light can transfer through the glass but the glass also provides a degree of privacy. On top of the glass, a pattern is etched on top of the glass using molten metal. The etching on the glass is raised and stands.  

There are a wide range of a patterns that can be etched into the glass. Common etched patterns include things such as a diamond pattern, or a Florentine flower pattern, or a cross pattern. Some custom glass makers can even etch a custom pattern of your own making onto the window.  

Glass Type #3: Custom Groove Glass Etching 

Finally, there is custom groove glass etching. With this type of glass, instead of the glass being flat, part of the glass is raised, creating a pattern of flat and raised glass. Then, the glass either has a polished finish, a frosted finish, or a shadow finish to the glass.  

When it comes to putting custom glass inside of your home, you can literally choose the type of glass that you use. For windows placed inside of your home, you want to use unique glass that will enhance the appearance of the internal window.