About Window Tinting For Homes And Businesses

Posted on: 30 November 2020

Window tinting is something that can be done for both homes and for businesses. If you have never looked into window tinting before, then you likely know very little about it. Here are some things to know about both residential and commercial window tinting

Keep down the cooling costs

When you are trying to cool your home or business, you may notice the rooms feel warmer the closer you get to the windows. This is because the sun hits them, just as it does everything else in its path. However, when it hits the windows, they heat up. That heat is then transferred into the room where it fights the air conditioner. This keeps the room at a more uncomfortable temperature and makes the HVAC system come on a lot more frequently as it tries to fight the heat the windows are generating. Tinting the windows blocks the absorption of the heat, and it better insulates the home to trap the cool air inside. 

Keep down heating costs

Just as how the sun beats on the windows as described above, the coldness from outside will also hit against the windows causing coldness to come inside and demand more from the heater. Tinting will also trap the warmer weather inside and prevent the coldness from being absorbed into the rooms. 

Creating a mirror effect

There is one type of tint that makes the outside of the windows look like mirrors. While this type of tint isn't often seen in homes, it is commonly put on windows of businesses, usually those in busy shopping outlets. One example of why a business would use this tint is because they have something like a hair salon and they want the people getting their hair done to have a bit more privacy. The mirrored windows stop people from staring in as they walk by. Keep in mind that even while it's not done commonly, a mirrored tint can also be installed in home windows. 

Colored tint 

There are also many other types of tints that come in different colors. The most commonly used tints come in browns and grays. They are used a lot in both businesses and in homes. They give you better insulation and also help to add privacy by making it very hard for someone on the outside to see inside the home. Also, there is the bonus of the inside of a room not being as blindingly bright when the shades are open, and this can even help prevent glares on the TV.