Varying Levels Of Privacy And Your Window Treatments: What Are You Looking For?

Posted on: 8 April 2021

Window treatments, specifically window shades, serve a number of purposes. For some, they are decoration for your windows. For others, window treatments provide varying levels of privacy. The following examples of different window treatments, and the levels of privacy you can expect, will help you choose what kinds of window treatments to purchase and hang on your windows.

Roman Blinds and Roller Spring Shades That Block Everything

If you want to block out the sunlight and your neighbors, then these are the types of window treatments to buy. Roman blinds are blinds that are made from one continuous piece of fabric, and they lift and lower with a drawstring just like any other blind. The difference here is that these blinds are backed with a material designed for complete opacity. No one can see so much as a shadow move inside your house when these blinds are drawn down. Roller spring shades provide similar benefits, except that they are made of a sort of vinyl plastic, and there is a spring inside the tube at the top that catches and releases when the bottom edge of the roller shade is tugged. Designer window shades will have an attractive appearance; however, you may still want to add something a little more decorative curtain-wise if you choose roller spring shades. 

Cafe Curtains for Partial Obscurity

Cafe curtains are hung at sash level. They block views of anyone passing on the street. At most, a passerby might see your head and face, but nothing else. An additional valance tops the look of cafe curtains. These curtains allow plenty of light into the room without allowing much of anything to be seen inside of your home. 

Sheers for Decoration Only

If you do not particularly care what anyone sees, you can select sheer curtains. They are made of lace panels, transparent or colored chiffon fabrics, or embroidered sheer panels. They are mostly for decorative purposes and really provide no privacy at all. However, they can certainly make your windows look very pretty and very charming indeed. 

No Treatments at All

At the very opposite end of the window treatment spectrum, you have absolutely no curtains at all. This is a very stark and somewhat bleak look, but it appeals to people who either enjoy minimalism or frequently place objects of interest in their windows for other people to view. It is not an option for everyone. 

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