Three Siding Designs To Consider For A Beach House

Posted on: 20 September 2021

When you build a beach house, you're counting on this structure being a cozy place that will host countless family getaways in the years ahead. People often put considerable effort into decorating the interiors of their beach houses, using decorative items such as ropes, oars, and more. While there's no denying that the interior look of a beach house is important, you need to think about what curb appeal it can offer, too. One way to give your beach house the perfect exterior look is to choose the right vinyl siding. Here are three siding options that can work well for this type of dwelling.

Blue Siding

Blue is a color that is extremely popular at beach houses, as it provides a good visual match to the blue water that may be visible from the yard. If you like the idea of your beach house having a vibrant exterior look, blue vinyl siding can be a good choice. While you might not go with such a bold color in your primary residence — especially if most of the homes in your neighborhood have muted siding colors — it can be fun to choose a vivid blue shade for your beach house siding. White works well beside blue, and given that you'll likely have white frames around your windows, you can expect a stylish exterior look.

Yellow Siding

Yellow is another popular hue for beach houses. While you'll likely see some beach houses that have yellow exterior accents such as yellow front doors, it can be fun to give your dwelling more of a yellow look with vinyl siding in this color. Take note of the color of the beach sand that may be near your home. You don't necessarily need to choose yellow siding that will match the yellow sand, but a different shade of yellow may be a good complementary color. For example, if the sand is light yellow, a darker shade of yellow for your siding may be appealing.

Two Colors Of Siding

You don't need to choose just one color of vinyl siding for your beach house. If you're torn between a couple of options, think about using two different colors. This idea can often work well in all sorts of ways. For example, you might favor using a bolder color on the bottom half of the exterior walls and a light color on the upper half — perhaps blue and light gray, respectively. Or, if the beach house will have an attached garage, you might think about having the garage's siding one color and the main part of the home's siding another color.

If you need exterior siding, talk to a contractor in your area.