3 Window Installation Tips to Provide Better Lives for Your Cats

Posted on: 3 November 2021

If you own multiple cats, you may want to do everything you can to make them feel comfortable and happy inside your home. Beyond giving them food, water, and litter boxes, you can invest in furniture, scratchers, and toys for your cats to use regularly. Another excellent strategy is to install new windows throughout your house with your cats in mind. Read on to learn more. 


Hiring window installers is a smart idea when adding and replacing windows. You can feel confident that the windows will function properly and be installed securely. This will eliminate the chance of your cats getting injured or escaping due to window malfunction. They can also offer suggestions for durable materials if your cats tend to scratch at the windows. 

During the installation, you can either board your cats at a facility or keep them in a room that is not being worked on for the entire duration. This will guarantee that installation professionals can focus entirely on the job of removing old windows and installing new ones.


Before you add new windows, you want to consider accessibility for your cats. Make it easy for your cats to reach all the windows and look outside for entertainment and stimulation. Being able to watch things outside can prevent your cats from feeling bored throughout the day.

An easy solution to maximize accessibility and visibility is by installing floor-to-ceiling windows. If you intend on getting window treatments, you want to pick ones that you can easily move to allow your cats to see outside comfortably. Another option to provide clear visibility is adding windowsills to all your new windows so that your cats can sit or lie down on these surfaces.

A cat tree can also give your cats the viewing angles they want from a new window. You can then install a window almost anywhere and find a suitable cat tree to give visibility to your cats.


Many cats love to soak up the sunlight in the day. So, you can make this easier for your cats by installing windows where you know that direct sunlight is common. The sunlight may lead to a slight increase in your home's temperature. But you may happily accept the trade-off because you know it gives all your cats the ability to soak up the sun while inside the home. For most homes, south-facing windows allow sunlight to come through all day long.

Providing your cats with better lives is easy to do with strategic window installation. Contact local contractors to learn more.