Six Assumptions You Shouldn't Make When It Comes To Your New Window Installation

Posted on: 18 October 2022

You need to make some important decisions when you're planning a new window installation on your property. Do your research to avoid inaccurate assumptions about new window models and installations.

The following are six assumptions you shouldn't make when it comes to your new window installation.   

Any window will do

Some homeowners don't put a lot of thought into selecting new windows because they assume that any window model they choose will be more or less the same as other options. However, this is not true.

It's important to carefully research window options and consider the aesthetic and functionality advantages of each option that's available to you. 

You can't schedule a new window installation during the winter months

Homeowners may think that a new window installation during the winter is unwise because of the cold exterior temperatures.

However, window installations are typically done quickly and efficiently to minimize the amount of exterior air that penetrates a home. This means that a new window installation can be scheduled at any time of the year. 

You should have the same style of window installed that you had previously

A new window installation is a good opportunity to revitalize the look of your home. Do your research on new window designs that might enhance your home rather than automatically choosing the same window model that you had previously for your new window installation. 

It's better to wait until you remodel your entire home to schedule a new window installation

You don't want to waste any time scheduling a new window installation when your windows are old and worn out. Waiting until you do a larger-scale remodel is not a good idea because you might be dealing with the consequences of inefficient or unsightly old windows in the meantime. 

Vinyl is the best new window installation option

Vinyl is a popular option for new window installations, but it is not the only option available. Make sure that you consider additional options such as wood, fiberglass, aluminum, and composite before automatically opting for vinyl windows without doing any research. 

All new window models are energy efficient

When you're selecting a window model for a new window installation, you need to do your research on efficiency features. While newer window models tend to be more efficient than window models from the past, that doesn't mean that all new window models and materials offer the same efficiency advantages. 

If you want to choose a new window model with maximum efficiency, consider looking at awning and casement window models for your home. 

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