Hurricane Shutters Come In Several Styles And Work In Different Ways

Posted on: 6 January 2023

If you live where hurricanes and tropical storms occur, you may worry about your windows when a big storm approaches. Windows, even impact windows, are vulnerable to damage during high winds. Impact windows don't shatter, but they can crack. That's why hurricane shutters are an excellent idea no matter what kind of windows you have.

Plus, shutters are much more convenient to use than plywood boards, which often sell out when a hurricane approaches. Here are some things to think about when choosing the right hurricane shutters for your home.

If You Want Shutters Permanently Mounted

Permanent shutters are the most convenient since they are always ready to use and you don't have to waste time getting the shutters out of your garage and mounting them every time a storm comes.

Permanent shutters can roll up, roll to the sides, or swing open and closed. This allows you to buy shutters you find attractive and that fit your budget. Shutters that roll up or to the side are out of sight when they're not in use so they don't affect your home's appearance.

If You Want Shutters That Let In Light

Hurricane shutters are made from different materials. Typically, when you close the shutters, they cover the window completely and block out light. This can be somewhat inconvenient if your power goes out early and you have to sit in the dark during a bad storm.

If you'd like to have natural lighting while the shutters are in place, consider polycarbonate hurricane shutters. These are made from clear plastic so some light gets in and you can see outside. They're not as transparent as glass, but they can give you a view of the outside while you're waiting on the storm to arrive and pass.

If You Want Remote Control

Shutters usually have to be closed manually even if they're permanently installed. It is usually a quick process, but if you have trouble with mobility, you might find it challenging to go outside and close all the shutters on your home.

A handy alternative is to get permanent shutters installed that you can operate with a remote control. This lets you quickly close the shutters when a storm rolls in. Plus, you can also close them in the evening for privacy and improved home security. Some shutters can even be controlled with a smart device so you can close them when you're at work or away on vacation.

Compare options in shutters and features of different shutters so you buy something that's easy on your budget and easy for you to operate. Then you'll be ready to stay safe during hurricane or storm season.

For more information about hurricane shutters, contact a local company.