Protecting Your Car's Exterior Paint

Posted on: 28 February 2023

The road can be harsh on your car, and debris or weather can cause substantial damage to the car's exterior. In particular, the paint can be particularly vulnerable to developing scratches and chips.  

Will The Paint Protection Film Change The Look Of The Car?

A primary concern of car owners when considering automotive paint protection film is how it will impact the look of their car. The good news is that paint protection film is designed to be virtually invisible. These films are fully transparent and will not change the color of your car's paint. The film can even enhance the appearance of your vehicle by providing a glossy finish that looks like a fresh coat of wax. You can even choose a matte finish film if you prefer a more subtle option.

Is It Difficult To Care For A Paint Protection Film?

Automotive paint protection film needs minimal maintenance to keep it in good condition. Generally, you only need to wash the paint protection film to maintain it properly. This washing allows you to remove the dirt and grime that could collect on the film. Over time, these substances can wear down the film's exterior if not removed. You should want to wash your car regularly using a gentle automotive soap and water. Avoid using abrasive sponges or brushes because they can scuff the paint protection film. When drying the exterior of the paint protection film, use a microfiber cloth. This option can remove the moisture from the exterior without leaving streaks or causing scuffs.

Is A Paint Protection Film A Permanent Addition To Your Vehicle?

Another common misconception about automotive paint protection film is that it is a permanent addition to your vehicle. However, you can have the film removed at any time without damaging your car's paint. The film is designed to adhere to your car's surface without leaving any residue behind, which allows you to remove it without worry. Whether you want to sell the vehicle or replace a degraded paint protection film can be removed without harming the exterior.

Are There Different Types Of Paint Protection Films?

Several types of automotive paint protection films are available, including clear bra and ceramic coating. A clear bra option is a traditional film applied to your car's exterior to protect it from scratches and chips. Ceramic coatings are liquid coatings applied to your car's paint to provide long-lasting protection. Generally, clear bra films are a more affordable option that is easy to install while still providing exceptional results.

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