Learn Why You Should Have Energy-Efficient Windows In Your Home

Posted on: 20 April 2023

Whether you're remodeling, trying to reduce your heating and cooling expenses, or trying to reduce your carbon footprint, one thing you can do to accomplish all these things is to have vinyl energy-efficient windows installed. This article will explain what's different about these windows and help you see how they can benefit you. 

Advantages of Vinyl Windows

When you have new windows installed, you want ones that look great, require very little maintenance, and will last a long time. Vinyl is a material commonly used in the manufacturing of windows, including energy-efficient styles. It's a durable material that's resistant to many types of damage. Some examples of things they're resistant to include moisture damage, sun damage, hail damage, and pest damage, to name a few. This window material requires less maintenance than most others. For example, they don't need to be repainted, since the color goes all the way through them. They can come in many styles, colors, and shapes. The vinyl offers strength and a good fit, which are two very important things when having windows installed. 

The Features of Energy-Efficient Windows

Some features are specific to energy-efficient windows. These features help prevent drafts and UV penetration, which can make it harder to keep your home comfortable. These windows can offer your family cooler summers and warmer winters. 

Low-Emissivity Glass: Low-emissivity (Low-E) glass is treated with a microscopic metallic coating that filters out the UV rays before they come into your home. Filtering out UV rays helps keep the home cooler. It also helps prevent sun bleaching, which can damage your home and furniture. 

Extra panes: A single sheet of glass won't do much to prevent outside temperatures from coming in. Energy-efficient windows have at least two panes of glass. This additional glass offers more layers of insulation and protection. Also, the space between the glass can be filled with a special gas to add more insulation benefits.

Argon Gas: Argon gas is extremely dense, colorless, odorless, and has low thermal conductivity. This makes it a great option to help add insulation to the windows. The argon gas is used between the sheets of glass in double and triple-paned windows. Low-E windows with argon gas can be very energy efficient. 

The Advantages of Having Energy-Efficient Windows

Savings: Heating and cooling savings are among the most appreciated benefits of having energy-efficient windows installed. You'll also save on HVAC repairs, as well as furniture and material replacement due to sun damage. 

Comfort: When the energy-efficient windows help maintain the desired temperature in the house, it will make the house more comfortable year-round. You'll also find the house feels especially better during the hot and cold times of the day when you're able to prevent those air leaks. 

Eco-Friendly: Another benefit of energy-efficient window installation is that it can help reduce your carbon footprint. 

Noise Reduction: The higher-quality design and materials also make energy-efficient windows great at reducing noises that come into the house from outside. Not only does this cut down on the barking dogs and other neighborhood noises, but it can be great if you live by a freeway, near train tracks, or close to an airport.